Exerpt from the catalogue text fort he international Month of Fotography Cracow 2008

„...Sabela’s vision ist Woven with references to traditional artistic subjects: ecce homo, still life, portrait, the nude, selfportrait, etc.

In the background Leonardo da Vinci’s „Last Supper“ hovers. Manierism, surfeit, and decadence enclosed within one picture. The fullfilment of the dream of richness and power is simultaniously a symbol of profligacy, disappearance and suffering...“


„Today, as in the twenties, Berlin is a cultural and artistic centre. The City’s atmosphere is once again luring people who want to make their dreams come true. The thing that links these two periods of Berlin’s history ist he apperance alongside each other of suffering and spectacle, realism and grotesque, brutality and poetry. The eternal return...as in a refrain.“


Magda Kownacka, Catalogue: „Photomonth in Krakow 2008"

ISBN 978-83-921528-6-6